Understanding PDX CitySync

Overview of the project and a brief explanation of the technology that drives it.

What is PDX CitySync?

PDX CitySync is a platform giving users customizable and personalized access to news, information, events, and open data in the city of Portland. When signing up, users provide a location, be it home or work, stored as lat and long variables. Additionally, users also select a number of interests which can be further used to provide relevant information. Applications on the CitySync platform have access to these data points to help give users information that is both hyperlocal as well as relevant to their interests.

The Technology

Although the PDX CitySync platform itself is built on Drupal 7, we’ve wanted to keep the project as open as possible to a wide range of developers. Your apps are displayed to the user in an iframe, leaving you free to code in whatever language you feel most comfortable with.

To facilitate cross-domain communication, we’ve built EasyXDM into the Javascript SDK to pass information back and forth between your application and the PDX CitySync platform. Currently this is used to pass information for the currently logged-in user to your application, and for your application to send iframe resize requests to PDX CitySync.

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