Building & Submitting Your App

The details on finding ideas for your application, hosting your app, sandbox testing, and submitting your app to be included in the PDX CitySync App Challenge

App Ideas

Ideas for apps have been coming in from the greater Portland community in response to the PDX CitySync Idea and App Challenge, hosted at CivicApps. You can click here to browse current ideas, but don't feel limited by the list there. One of PDX CitySync's main goals is to give residents and businesses in the greater Portland area easy access to news, events, and information. As developers, we have an incredible opportunity to help connect people with their city, encourage and build community and local business, and boost civic engagement.

Click here to browse the current list of ideas submitted to the PDX CitySync Ideas Challenge.

App Hosting

PDX CitySync does not offer hosting at this time. All apps and widgets are loaded as iframes, so developers are responsible for finding a stable home for their apps.

Sandbox Testing

We're putting the finishing touches on our developer sandbox for testing your apps, but in the meantime, you can use the following JSON object as sample user data for development:

CitySync.user = {
    interests: "Business, Sports, Outdoors",
        lat: 45.6012,
        lng: -122.757

Submitting Your App

Application submissions are handled through the CivicApps website. Once logged in, you'll supply the following information:

  • App Title - The name of your application.
  • Category - The category which your application best fits into.
  • App Link - The URL where your app is hosted.
  • Repo Link - The link to the repo where you app code can be viewed.
  • Icon Link - The location of your app's icon.
  • App Accreditation - Your app's Author, Organization, or Application Sponsor

You can log in, browse submitted apps, and submit your own at CivicApps here.

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